Tuesday, January 24, 2006
more project management stuff
A couple of follow-ups from yesterday's long post.
  • Matt Woodward talks about Subversion and Trac on his blog, in an entry from just a few days ago.
  • MoinMoin Wiki is a wiki written in Python. It might be worth trying, since it doesn't rely on a bunch of stuff that's external to Python. It seems to be pretty much self-contained.
  • Swiki Swiki is a wiki that's built on top of a web server called Comanche that's implemented in Squeak, which is apparently an open-source Smalltalk implementation. I downloaded it and played around a bit today. It's actually pretty neat, but probably not what I'm looking for.
  • WikiMatrix is a site allowing you to compare a bunch of wikis, feature-by-feature. It's pretty slick.
  • OnLamp has an article comparing open-source wikis. It's about a year old, but still useful.
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