Tuesday, December 13, 2005
I got a Netgear WG111 network adapter for my TiVo last week. I bought one online from, figuring it would be the right adapter, since it was listed under "accessories" on their Tivo page. No luck though -- I got a v. 2 adapter, which didn't work. I returned it to my local Best Buy store with minimal hassle, and had a friend pick up a compatible adapter from *his* local Best Buy, which happened to have a couple of them in stock. It works fine, and was only $30. (I see they're up to $57 this week, so I guess I got it just in time.)

I installed TiVo Desktop today. It seems to be working fine, though I haven't tried to transfer anything from the TiVo to my computer yet. The functionality for viewing photos and listening to music via the TiVo is working fine.

The music functionality might actually be worth taking advantage of; I have a lot of music on my computer that I'd like to listen to on my stereo. I don't sync my iPod to my desktop PC, and my DVD/CD player on my stereo doesn't play CD-Rs, so I'm pretty much SOL for listening to music from my desktop PC on the stereo, unless I transfer it to my iBook, then sync it to my iPod, then hook *that* up to the stereo.
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