Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Silly Copy Protection Tricks
Sony is doing some crazy things with DRM. There's a good write-up at Sysinternals. I don't know if this specific "rootkit" DRM is on the new My Morning Jacket CD, but I know a lot of people are peeved that there's *any* DRM on it -- including MMJ's record company. This guy has a good write-up on it. And more info at East Bay Express.
I bought the CD myself from Best Buy without noticing the DRM stuff on the back. I'd be really ticked off about this if I didn't have a Mac. I ripped the CD to iTunes, no problems, and now I can happily listen to it on my iPod. Apparently, Sony isn't worried about Mac users; either there aren't enough of us, or they figure the DRM would be too difficult to do on Mac OS X.
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