Wednesday, September 14, 2005
DotNet Stuff
I spent some time today surfing through a bunch of .net stuff. I've been picking up on some things from DotNetRocks that I wanted to look into, and I just wound up following some trails. Here are a few interesting links:
  • CodeSmith -- interesting tool that I need to look into.
  • DotNetNuke -- I interviewed a guy today who was thinking about starting a company and writing his own CMS in ASP.NET. He hadn't heard of DNN before. He may have been trying to do something a bit different from DNN, or he may have been reinventing the wheel. I hope he takes a look at it before he starts coding from scratch!
  • Community Server -- the last time I looked at these guys, they weren't quite done yet. Now they're at version 1.2 and apparently quite usable. I may have to try this out, maybe for a departmental blog at work.
  • An interesting discussion of strings in .Net here. Maybe I should put some stuff about String vs. StringBuilder on the test I give to interviewees.
  • Thycotic.Data -- maybe not that useful for me, but kind of interesting.
  • Rockford Lhotka -- I'm kind of interested in his book, after hearing him on DNR. I honestly don't know much about n-tier development.


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