Sunday, May 01, 2005
Dreamworks Animation
I went to a Dreamworks Animation presentation in NYC today. It was pretty impressive: lots of celebrities, lots of clips, lots of fun. It was hosted by Al Roker. They brought in Jerry Seinfeld, Mike Myers, Chris Rock, and Justin Timberlake, among others. Seinfeld is working on a movie about bees. Chris Rock is in Madagascar. And of course Mike Myers is working on the next Shrek movie. Unfortunately, so is Justin Timberlake -- he's going to play King Arthur. That might not turn out to be as bad as it sounds. We'll see.

We also got to see Nick Park and some stuff from the upcoming Wallace and Gromit movie. It looks to be at least as good as the various shorts. We also got to see some stuff from Aardman's first computer-animated movie. They didn't show much, but it looked interesting. The style is similar to W&G, just done in computer animation instead of clay.

I still like Pixar a lot more than Dreamworks, but hey, they're trying. And anyone who'll pay for a W&G movie can't be all bad.

Oh, and through what I can only imagine was a clerical error, we ended up in the second row. So I could see right up Chris Rock's nose. Cool.
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