Monday, September 01, 2003
I spent most of the weekend at Big Apple Anime Fest. One of the best moments from the con would have to be meeting Ken Knudtsen and getting a copy of My Monkey's Name is Jennifer from him, in which he wrote "andy, hurray for huey lewis and the news! -- jennifer the monkey". I was a little confused about this for a moment, since I hadn't mentioned my last name, but then I realized it was written on the badge around my neck. Duh.
I caught a couple of the movies they premiered, and I have to say that Tokyo Godfathers is definitely worth seeing, as is anything from Satoshi Kon. A Tree of Palme, on the other hand, was visually interesting, but didn't really hold my attention for its two-hour-plus running time. It was just a little too out there.


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