Friday, August 08, 2003
I just noticed that Mile High Comics has a bunch of pictures from San Diego up on their web site, including a nice picture of the mile-long line to get in on Saturday. (Always buy advance tickets, unless you like waiting in line for many hours!) I've been looking around for a reliable total attendance figure for Comic-Con this year, but I haven't found one. I heard 65,000 from one guy, but that was probably just a guess. CBR says maybe 70 to 80,000. (More here.)

For comparison, SIGGRAPH 2003, also in San Diego, had about 27,000, according to SignOnSanDiego. And the big Phish shindig in Maine last week, at Loring Air Force Base, hit around 60,000, according to the NY Times.

Oh, and hey, you wanna buy about 10 hours of Phish for $30? Click here. Downloading it all would be a hassle, of course.
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